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In the Name of the State: Interactions between local administrators and citizens

CP2013-1E coverCHINA PERSPECTIVES 2013/1

  • Editorial – Isabelle Thireau (Free access)
  • Operating Norms and Practices of Residents’ Committees: The consequences and limits of management by numbers – Wang Di (Free access)
  • Interactions Between Chengguan and Street Vendors in Beijing: How the unpopularity of an administration affects relations with the public – Emmanuel Caron
  • Who is Relocating Whom in the Renovation of Shanghai’s Old City? – Zhang Kai
  • The Leap to the City: Resistance and transition in a Chinese village facing urbanisation – Boris Svartzman
  • Recognising Adoption: Family relationships tested by birth control – Karine-Hinano Guérin
  • Providing Access to Water: The pump, the spring, and the klu. Brokerage and local development on the Tibetan Plateau – Xénia de Heering

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