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Kunming, an allied base during WW2

Kunming played a major role during WW2. Before Japanese  invaded British Burma, the capital city of Yunnan was the terminus of the “Burma Road” that was used by the UK to supply Chinese Nationalist forces. After the fall of Burma to the Japanese, the Allied continued to supply Kunming by air. Wujiaba, the former airport of Kunming1, became a base of American and Chinese air forces, including the “Flying Tigers”, and American volunteer group.

To know more about the strategic role of Kunming during this tragic episode, please have a look to Franklin Evans’ 600 Days in Kunming China, 1944-45 ((Evans F. B. (2005), 600 Days in Kunming China, 1944-45. AuthorHouse, Bloomington)). The author tells us his personal story as US soldier in Kunming.
  1. Last year, this airport was replaced by the new Kunming Changshui international airport. []

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