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The 3rd international symposium on low carbon buildings (ISLCB) in China

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

27th to 28th October 2012
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

The building sector is one of the highest energy consuming sectors in China accounting for about 30% of total energy usage and also contributes to a significant proportion of pollutant emissions in China. Meanwhile, building construction activities are contributing significantly towards China’s economic growth and infrastructure development under the current urbanisation programme. It is estimated that half of the world’s buildings being constructed between now and 2020 are expected to be built in China and if nothing is done to control the upward energy trend, building-related energy consumption could double and have a devastating effect on the environment and the economy as a whole.

The objective of this international symposium is therefore to provide a forum for academics, government officials, researchers and practitioners to present and discuss recent research and demonstration projects related to low carbon buildings in China. The event will feature well known international experts in this field as Keynote speakers.
General topic areas

* Sustainable Energy Technologies
* Energy storage technologies
* Energy and Environmental Policy
* Modelling and simulation of buildings
* Thermal Energy Management systems
* Low carbon construction materials
* Eco-building design
* Integration of renewable energy technologies in refurbished buildings
* Life cycle analysis of low carbon buildings
* Waste and water management
* Energy Management Contract systems
* Post occupancy evaluation of low carbon buildings
* Green Architecture
* Design for low impact healthcare buildings
* Improving sustainability (and resilience) of healthcare facility
* Sustainable Urbanism
* Urban form and Energy use or Low carbon cities
* Green and liveable cities

Website: http://www.nottingham.edu.cn/en/cset/islcb2012/index.aspx