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China: tradition and modernity



20-22 February 2014


Lisbon, Portugal


Name: Instituto Português de Sinologia

E-mail: ipsinologiagmailcom

Details: The Organizing Committee of the Instituto Português de Sinologia
ISCSP – Pólo Universitário da Ajuda, gab. 40, piso 2
Tel: 213 619 430 (ext: 453074)
Fax: 213 619 442

Topic details

Geocultural area(s): China

Discipline(s): Economics, Philology, Sociology


China is a huge country with a history stretching over millennia. An immeasurable number of its customs and values have lasted down the ages, surviving the impact of successive waves of modernity that have assailed it. Some of the old values came down to us often confused with habits or traditions. And so it is that, with every aspect of contemporary Chinese society being deeply rooted in tradition, the country is at the same time experiencing a period of increasing creativity.

Tradition and modernity are in fact complementary, and together they may represent socio-cultural equilibrium. With the theme ‘China: Tradition and Modernity’, the 9th International Sinology Forum will address the various contemporaneities of this extraordinary country, looking at their philosophical, cultural, economic and social facets.

This topic should be approached by communications through the following items:

  • Tradition in modernity: how, despite modernization, the Chinese people have managed to keep certain traditions in their daily lives, their ways of thinking, their rituals, festivals, etc.;
  • The Consumption of tradition and the commodification of the past;
  • The attraction of the West and the influence of western philosophy on Chinese tradition;
  • Neo-Confucianism and the re-engagement with tradition;
  • Economic modernization, the reformulation of Chinese traditional economic structures and the subsequent shifts in social stratification;
  • The continuity of traditional visual and performative arts and the new artistic panorama;
  • The continuity of literary traditions and the new literary panorama;
  • Myths, Heroes, Icons and Modernity;
  • Tradition and modernity in urban spaces (architecture, public art);
  • Local Development and Heritage.

The organising committee informs :

  1. The 9th International Sinology Forum will be held in Leiria (Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria).
  2. Later on, more information will be provided about parallel activities to the conference.

Finally, note that the Portuguese Institute of Sinology offers free registration.

Aurélia Martin

Chargée de communications et des médias pour l'UMR Chine Corée Japon (CNRS)

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