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China Information: Special issue on cyberpolitics

F1.mediumChina Information‘s latest issue, vol. 28, no. 2 (July 2014) is a special issue on cyberpolitics, put together by guest editor Guobin Yang. The articles are free for download until 16 August 2014.

China Information presents timely and in-depth analyses of major developments in contemporary China and overseas Chinese communities in the areas of politics, economics, law, ecology, culture, and society, including literature and the arts.

China Information pays special attention to views and areas that do not receive sufficient attention in the mainstream discourse on contemporary China. It encourages discussion and debate between different academic traditions, offers a platform to express controversial and dissenting opinions, and promotes research that is historically sensitive and contemporarily relevant.


  • Guobin Yang
    Political contestation in Chinese digital spaces: Deepening the critical inquiry
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Silvia Lindtner
    Hackerspaces and the Internet of Things in China: How makers are reinventing industrial production, innovation, and the self

    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Marina Svensson
    Voice, power and connectivity in China’s microblogosphere: Digital divides on SinaWeibo
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Jesper Schlæger and Min Jiang
    Official microblogging and social management by local governments in China
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Steven J. Balla
    Health system reform and political participation on the Chinese Internet
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Robeson Taj Frazier and Lin Zhang
    Ethnic identity and racial contestation in cyberspace: Deconstructing the Chineseness of Lou Jing
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Marcella Szablewicz
    The ‘losers’ of China’s Internet: Memes as ‘structures of feeling’ for disillusioned young netizens
    [Abstract] [Full text]
  • Ning Zhang
    Web-based backpacking communities and online activism in China: Movement without marching
    [Abstract] [Full text]

Visit CIN’s website for more information on the journal, subscribing and submitting manuscripts, and follow CIN’s Facebook page.

Aurélia Martin

Chargée de communications et des médias pour l'UMR Chine Corée Japon (CNRS)

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Sebastien Goulard

Ph.D. in political science (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in social sciences (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in international relations (IRIS, Paris), B.A. (Hons) in international political studies (ESE - Nottingham Trent University)

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