Industrial renovation and transformation of old Chongqing Dadukou district

One of the twelve downtown districts, Dadukou is located in the significant metropolitan area in Chongqing. In 1938, Hanyang Iron Factory, the predecessor of Chongqing Iron & Steel Group, was founded in Dadukou. The district developed rapidly ever since and is renown as the “Iron city” in the Southwest of China.

Nonetheless, the “Iron city” image has become less fitting in the face of the development of urbanisation nowadays. In 2011, Chongqing Iron & Steel Group moved their production chain, which helped transform the image of the district. In 2013, Dadukou district is the only place in Chongqing that is included in a national renovation plan proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission. The goal of the plan is to transform Dadukou into an “urbanised, social, economic” area.

The plan divides Dadukou into three areas:

  1. An old iron factory area (老重钢片区) of about 8100 acres is planned to become a new residential area.
  2. Diaoyu zui Peninsula area (钓鱼嘴半岛), an untapped land in Chongqing that will be turned into a recreation zone.
  3. Gold Aoshan – Small South Sea Area (金鳌山-小南海片区), a construction site of around 10 million square meters, which will be built into a tourism and recreational hotspot.

However, the transformation and renovation of this area will certainly have some difficulties, such as financing. Also, what is the reaction of citizens to this transformation and its relationship with the residents? How can this plan combine a strategic economic redevelopment of the area with the preservation of the place’s authenticity? These questions are worth investigating.


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