Urban Futures-Squaring Circles: Europe, China and the World in 2050

urban futureThe Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (ICS-UL), the Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISIS) in Rome, and the Institute of Future Cities of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (IfC-CUHK) – are organizing an International Conference on “Urban Futures-Squaring Circles: Europe, China and the World in 2050” (10-11 October 2014) under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme:URBACHINA – European Project on Sustainable Urbanisation in China. Historical and Comparative Perspectives, Mega-trends towards 2050.

The Lisbon Conference is part of this project, aimed at bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in applying scenarios and foresight approaches to urban policy and planning. We are interested in the sustainable future of cities – for the people who will live there. We seek to discuss current urbanisation trends and resulting challenges for Cities and to identify research priorities and collaborative opportunities between the EU and China.


The conference will address the following two core themes and four thematic threads:

  • Core Theme I. Scenarios for Cities of the Future
  • Core Theme II. People and Societies in Future Cities


  • Thematic thread A: Forward Thinking Methods
  • Thematic thread B: Governance in Future Cities
  • Thematic thread C: Future of Resources
  • Thematic thread D: Future of Urban Systems

More information to be found on the Conference site.

Urban Future 2050 – Call for Abstracts

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Sebastien Goulard

Ph.D. in political science (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in social sciences (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in international relations (IRIS, Paris), B.A. (Hons) in international political studies (ESE - Nottingham Trent University)

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