A road map for reforming China’s hukou system

By Prof. Kam Wing Chan (University of Washington)

  • Date: Monday, 18 November @ 7pm
  • Venue: Room Segalen, 25/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong (Admiralty MTR station, exit A)
  • Reservation & Contact: Miriam Yang
  • cefc@cefc.com.hk / tel: 2876 6910

China’s new leadership has called for the realization of “Chinese dream” of reviving the national strength and glory. As the country enters the urban age, a critical part of the Chinese dream is the “urban dream” – the promotion of urbanization to generate household consumption to put the economy on a sustainable footing. Yet a third of the 700 million Chinese urban dwellers today are not truly “urbanized”. They are the migrant population, who do not have an urban hukou, or household registration. To accomplish real urbanization, migrant workers need to become full urban residents. That requires offering them an urban hukou with the aim of ultimately abolishing the hukou system altogether. In this talk, Prof. Kam Wing Chan outlines a proposal to phase out the hukou system in 15 years.

This seminar will be held in English.
Sebastian Veg, Director of the CEFC, will chair the session.

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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