Kunming confronted to the issue of recycled cooking oil

Luo, Chris. “Kunming struggling to deal with ‘gutter oil’”. South China Morning Post. 27 June 2013.  http://www.scmp.com/article/1270196/kunmings-making-gutter-oil-use-comes-stall [Accessed 27 June 2013]

Kunming, the capital city of China’s Yunnan province, is having problems dealing with recycled cooking oil – often derisively referred to as “gutter oil”. City municipal officials told the Chinese media that the problems with “gutter oil” have existed for centuries.

His comments attracted widespread condemnation from internet users. Some accused city authorities of shirking their responsibilities over the issue.

The use of illegal cooking oil – recycled from waste oil – is rampant in China. And because waste oil contains harmful carcinogens and other pollutants, mainland authorities have been determined to crack down on it for years.

Kunming has a national pilot scheme which converts recycled cooking oil into bio-fuels for vehicles. But the scheme is not working very well, the media also reports […] Read more

赵晨, 朱虹 Zhao Chen, Zhu Hong. “红头文件出台年余成摆设 “地沟油”上餐桌仍无” Hongtou wenjian chutai nian yu cheng baishe “digou you” shang canzhuo reng wu. 云南网 Yunnan wang. 2013年 6 月6 日. http://news.ynxxb.com/content/2013-6/26/N10987618934.aspx  [Accessed 27 June 2013]


事实上,早在去年4月,云南省政府就出台了全国首个《关于做好地沟油制生物柴油工作的指导意见》(以下简称《指导意见》),对地沟油的去向及管理早 已有规定。然而,据记者了解,《指导意见》出台至今,执行仍是空白。就昆明市而言,每天有1500吨餐厨废弃物及150吨地沟油仍处于无人监管的状态。简 而言之,已出台一年多的指导意见沦为一纸空文 […] 更多

Scally, Patrick. “Details emerge in Yunnan’s largest-ever gutter oil case”.  GoKunming. 10 April 2013. http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/2949/details_emerge_in_yunnans_largest_ever_gutter_oil_case [Accessed 27 June 2013]

An ongoing Yunnan court case involving an edible oil company is growing more bizarre and disgusting as it enters its third week. What originally began as an investigation into using recycled food oil has transformed into a series of indictments over the production of thousands of tons of potentially harmful cooking oil.

Fourteen executives of Qujing-based Yunnan Fengrui Oil Company (云南丰瑞粮油有限公司) stand accused of knowingly manufacturing and distributing toxic food products. Over a ten-year period the company allegedly sold 32,000 tons of ‘cooking oil’ in Yunnan — much of it consisting of industrial and commercial waste […] Read more



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