China inaugurates Low-Carbon Day

China marks 1st National Low-carbon Day

China is marking its first National Low-carbon Day, in a fresh move to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the world’s second-largest economy.. National Low-Carbon Day will fall on the third day of the National Energy Efficiency Promotion Week every June.

Source: CCTV, 17 June 2013 (accessed 20 June 2013)

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 Phoner: China’s first Low-Carbon Day

For more on this topic, let’s speak to Lin Boqiang, director of the China Centre for Energy Economic Research. Mr. Lin speaks from the coastal city of Xiamen (Fujian).

Source: CCT, 17 June 2013 (accessed 20 June 2013)

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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