Regulating land and pollution at Lake Dianchi

Dianchi-Kunming, Hu Ying
Rooij, Benjamin van (2011) , “Regulating land and pollution at Lake Dianchi: compliance and enforcement in a Chinese and comparative perspective” In:  Burell, Mattias; Svensson, Marina, eds. Making law work: Chinese laws in context (2011).  Ithaca, N.Y.: East Asia Program, Cornell University,  viii, 414p. (Cornell East Asia series, no.154) , p. 367-403.

By studying law implementation in different areas and at different levels, contributors from various disciplines give a nuanced picture of law implementation in China, showing that it is rare to find examples of complete success or failure. Instead, making law work in actual practice, and in any society, is a matter of degree. The study is multidisciplinary in character and builds on insights from both sociology of law and political science.

See also the full text Benjamin van Rooj (2006), Regulating land and pollution in China. Lawmaking, compliance, and enforcement; therory and cases, Leiden UniversityPress, 2006. 451 p.

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