Kunming citizens demonstrate for a clean environment

Rob Schmitz (2013, May 16), “Chinese protesters oppose petrochemical plant in Kunming”,  Marketplace.

Today, hundreds of protesters shut down traffic in the Chinese city of Kunming to dramatize their opposition to a proposed petrochemical plant. It’s the latest in a series of ‘not in my backyard’ or NIMBY protests in recent weeks throughout that country.

So why are we seeing more of these environmental protests now?

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Hundreds join second protest in Kunming over oil refinery (2013, May 17), South China Morning Post.

Hundreds defied police orders and took to the streets of Yunnan’s provincial capital Kunming yesterday to protest against an oil refinery project.

Ignoring warnings that any gathering would be illegal, they started congregating near the provincial government headquarters at about 10am despite a heavy police presence.

They dispersed only after the city’s mayor talked to them.

At least one demonstrator was briefly detained when he unfolded a banner, witnesses said.

It was the second demonstration in Kunming about the controversial project this month, after more than 1,000 protesters took part in a rally on May 4.

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