Happy snake year!

Yu Yuan (Shanghai) - Nouvel An 2010, Elosua Miguel2013 will be a very critical year regarding China’s urbanisation. The election of  the 12th National People’s Congress with a new generation of leaders, may give new directions to domestic policies.
At UrbaChina, we hope that some of our analyses will help , at our small scale, China’s stakeholders to find solutions to challenges caused by urbanisation.
In 2013, the 2nd international Urbachina conference will be held in Kunming on June 3-5. The different Urbachina teams have completed their field trips and have been started formulating their results and defining trends. The Snake year will be a busy but passionating time. We hope you will follow our activities on our blog.


谨代表「城镇化中国 UrbaChina」计划团队,祝大家蛇年愉快,心想事成。
在新的蛇年里,「城镇化中国UrbaChina」第二届国际研讨会将予 2013年6月3日至5日在昆明召开,计划团队也将在此时完成调研与报告撰写,期望您能持续关注「城镇化中国UrbaChina」网站,让我们提供给您更新颖的中国城镇化信息与观点。


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