Conference announcement: The architecture of Southeast Asian cities

The Architecture of Southeast Asian Cities: how do architectural and urban expressions of modernity relate to heritage?

  • Dates: Wednesday, 12 June, 2013 to Sunday, 14 July, 2013
  • Venue: ENSAPB – 60, Boulevard de la Villette – Paris 75019 – France

The conference will deal with recent physical transformations and developments of Southeast Asian cities. This broadly defined geographical area is characterised in part by the diversity of its human settlements, which historically have experienced intense cultural exchanges with each other and with other cultures from beyond Southeast Asia.

These historic interactions have led to the creation of distinctive spatial cultures. Today, Southeast Asian cities are experiencing both rapid urban transformations and increased globalising influences, which are reflected in the changing nature of the agents, models and tools of urban development. In analysing these trends, the conference will question the influence of inherited spatial cultures in the shaping of recent projects.

Contemporary debates in urban studies often centre around the idea of a uniform kind of globalising urbanisation which is spreading world wide. The conference will examine this idea as a hypothesis in light of the history of each city, the persistence of ancient urban morphologies, and heritage policies promoted by various Southeast Asian nations.

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Monique Abud

Centre d'études sur la Chine moderne et contemporaine, EHESS, Paris, France

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