Sustainable development in China, social and environmental challenges for the 21st century

asino doroFerro, N. (Ed.). (2014). Sviluppo sostenibile e Cina, le sfide sociali e ambientali del XXI secolo. Rome: L’Asino d’oro edizioni.

In this collective book published in Italian, authors question the concept and implementation of sustainable development in China.

A first part looks at the growing awareness of sustainable needs in the Chinese sociey. Then, several chapters are dedicated to the challenges posed by economic growth and urbanisation, including food safety.

The last part studies the possible role of entreprises in answering sustainable development needs in China.

Book excerpt (in Italian) avaiable here

Sebastien Goulard

Ph.D. in political science (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in social sciences (EHESS, Paris); M.A. in international relations (IRIS, Paris), B.A. (Hons) in international political studies (ESE - Nottingham Trent University)

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