Yang Chen has defended his thesis

Photo credit: J. Teisera

Yang Chen has defended his thesis on  “ Social changes and spatial transformations of working-class neighborhoods of Shanghai (1949-2010): the case of Caoyang city ”, at  the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)  –  190-198 avenue de France, salle 1  –  75013 Paris, on October 16th 2012 and received the  mention very honourable distinction with congratulations from the jury.

  • Thesis advisor: François Gipouloux (CNRS)
  • Thesis committee: Françoise Ged (Observatoire de l’architecture de Chine contemporaine), Roland Lin Chih-Hung (CREOPS-Unesco), Isabelle Thireau (CNRS-EHESS), Alain Viaro (Université de Genève)

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